Olive Oil 4

There is a well-kept secret in the Ribera d’Ebre area of Catalonia, Spain.  The villages of Tivissa, Ginestar, Rasquera and El Perelló are its guardians.  They nurture a variety of olive tree which is only to be found in these 4 small villages.  It’s called fulla de salze, which translates as willow leaf.

This variety treats us to the rare olives from which we make olive oil 4; a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil which is sought after for its delicate fruity flavour and sweetness. 

On our own farm, many of the olive trees are over 100 years old.  We look after them and show our respect for them by using completely natural farming methods.

Fulla de salze olive trees A well-kept secret

The fulla de salze olive variety (aka salceña or salzenya) is truly delicious, but very rare. As a result, few have been able to enjoy its sweet, fruity flavour.  Olive oil 4 is contributing to the rediscovery of this native variety of tree and of its highly prized oil.


If you would like to enjoy olive oil 4 and discover its delicate fruity flavour, you can buy our produce directly from us through this website.  We’ll deliver it to you!

Olive oil 4
100% Natural

Olive oil 4 <br/>100% Natural

100% Fulla de Salze:  Extra virgin, monovarietal olive oil, cold-pressed, unfiltered and produced using organic cultivation methods only.

A special format designed to be given as a gift, which consists of an elegant, designer white lacquered 250 ml bottle of olive oil 4, protected by a decorative gift cylinder.  It is the ideal option to give a foodie as a gift and for use both in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

This is the perfect size for discovering the essence of the fulla de salze variety.  The oil comes from trees which have been cultivated using organic methods only.  It is produced in very small quantities.  


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Olive oil 4

  1. What’s the best way to enjoy olive oil 4?  The taste of any olive oil is best appreciated raw, e.g. on salads, but olive oil 4 also gives a delicious flavour to cooked food; from the most complex dishes to simple fried eggs.
  2. What do we mean when we say that our oil has been produced using natural cultivation methods only?  We mean that no chemical products (no chemical herbicides, pesticides or composts) have been used on the land where the trees from which our oil is produced grow since 2011.  Furthermore, we are in the process of obtaining organic certification under EU guidelines, and we're monitored by the Catalan government organic certification department (the CCPAE) to ensure we only use organic cultivation and productions methods. 
  3. Where is your oil produced? The natural olive oils come from trees grown on our farm, in a spectacularly beautiful protected natural area at the foot of the Tivissa mountains. 
  4. Why are your oils slightly less clear than other oils I’m used to?  Our oils are unfiltered, which helps to preserve their full flavour, while many commercial oils are filtered.  This makes our oils slightly less clear in appearance and they may even contain a little sediment, but in our opinion, they are a lot tastier. 


  1. How should I store olive oil?  Olive oil is best stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat such as radiators. All of our containers are are designed to protect the oil from sunlight. If olive oil gets cold, it won’t harm it, but you may notice that the oil’s texture and colour change. Don’t worry, as it’ll go back to normal when it reaches room temperature again. 

Orders and delivery

  1. How long will my order take to arrive?​
    1. If your order is to be shipped to mainland Spain or mainland Portugal, 3 to 4 working days.
    2. If your order is to be shipped to another EU territory, it depends on the country, but an average of 4 to 6 working days, though shipments to Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia could take up to 13 working days.
  2. Can I place an order for delivery outside of the EU?  We’re really sorry, but at the moment we’re only set up to ship within the EU.  We hope to be able to offer shipment to other countries later on.  
  3. Do you make any money from the order shipment charge?  No, we don’t.

Shops and distributors

  1. What do I need to do to be able to sell your oil in my shop and/ or to buy it wholesale?  Please write to us at hello@oliveoil4.com and we will be delighted to discuss it with you. 

Other general questions

  1. Olive oil 4 is sold by Food Sourcing Specialists, S.L.  Can you tell me more about this company?  The couple who founded Food Sourcing Specialists live on a farm in the Tivissa area; in a spectacularly beautiful protected natural area at the foot of the Tivissa mountains.  To find out more about Food Sourcing Specialists, visit www.foodsourcingspecialists.com.  


29 November · 2015


Our 2015 harvest extra virgin olive oil 4 is now available for purchase on this website in a special Christmas gift format. Make Christmas extra delicious for your foodie friends this year.

24 July · 2015


Nope, just the driveway out of the the olive oil 4 farm here in Tivissa, Spain :-)